Boost your efficiency with VMS and be in the loop
with your clients round the clock without being physically present!

Convey the Message Effectively Through a Human Voice That’s Relatable

Human voice is always more relatable and assuring than any other mediums of communication. This is utilized in human voice cast marketing to send promotional messages to the clients in a more time and cost effective way. Along with being very effective for communicating with multitudes of people at the same time, voice broadcasting has become an indispensable system for the businesses of today for so many reasons. Because, irrespective of the nature of the operations, sending regular messages to the customers, leads, employees, and various partners is a commonplace for an organization.

Voice messages that are a new bridge of communication are inexpensive yet generate higher response rate in comparison with mailers. The advantages given by the adaptation of voice messaging services are huge and some of the highlighting ones are given below.

Increased Connectivity

Connectivity through a personal call always has an upper hand over other channels of communications. Online Ads Campaign offers you voice messaging services with a range of facilities like recording and customizing your own messages for different categories of customers.

Easy to Implement

Unlike other communication and broadcasting systems, installing voice messenger doesn’t demand you to purchase and set any kind of complicated software or hardware. You can have the entire system running within just a couple of days of deciding to have it.

Any Place Any Time

You can stretch and expand as you want with the voice messaging as it gives you immense flexibility of sending bulk messages to many people from the place of your availability. When you take the services of Online Ads Campaign, you sign up for a freedom where we are always there to take care of voice messages communication in any kind of urgent need.

Convenient Operations

Voice messaging does a world of good for small businesses. From the comfort of a single system, thousands of personalized messages can be sent to target customers to expand the reach and brand penetration.

Timed Messages

According to digital marketing experts, a blog gets the most views when it is posted after lunch time at around 3 pm. In the same way, timings and the inclination of the customers play a very important role and need to be taken into consideration. Voice messages can be crafted and then timed according to the preferred hours of customers so the response rate is always effective.


Reach millions at one go

Call forwarding/Bridging option

Expressive Communication

Record voice of the call receive

Online DND Management

User friendly online management

Highly Scalable

Auto Redial-Multiple retry mechanism for unanswered cal

Virtual 24 hour support to customers


Flat economical call rates (to all circles across India)

Secured and personalised

Pay only for answered calls

No setup charges

No monthly fees

No Hardware or software to buy

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