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Short - Long Codes

Short and long codes for communicating via texts, calls and videos are two different yet similar mediums of communication between a business and its customers. Both serve different requirements and have unique advantages over each other. You might require one at a time depending upon the marketing campaigns of your business. Online Ads Campaign offers integrated short and long codes services after helping you identify the right choice keeping your advertising needs in mind.

Short Codes

Short codes are generally 5 digit numbers that are given to customers to ask for certain responses. For example, if you are a food joint, a customer can send “yes” to the short code “56677” to choose vegetarian food. Short codes are also used in conducting advertising campaigns such as contests or lucky draws to engage a wider segment of audience.

Easily Memorable

Needless to say, short codes are the easiest to memorize and are used in case of need for specific information from a company. Studying the options and making a choice is a much convenient task for the customers.

Easy to Place

The 5-digit short codes can be easily posted on promotional features like TV ads, posters and booklets. The sequential pattern leaves its mark on customers when they look upon it accidently.

Available at All Times

Short codes number can be reached and accessed 24*7 as they are operated automatically. No trivial issues like unavailability of network or people can hinder the performance. Hence, customers are not disappointed.

Long Codes

A long code is an 11-digit phone number that businesses use to send texts, calls and long messages. Long codes are more specific to the marketing needs of a company where it is designed and set up to conform to the internal operations. For example, a doctor’s clinic may have a long code to book or cancel appointments. It can further be used to choose from different types of departments and specialists.

The same long code can be utilized in a multi-purpose way. You can use for sending SMSs, faxes or making calls. In comparison with the short codes, long codes resemble the real phone numbers giving it a sense of personalization instead of a bot. It helps you form a more consistent channel of communication with your customers that goes the long way. With Online Ads, you can choose quick and transparent short and long code services to build and nurture strong network for customers.

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