Make the smart choice! Generate great leads cost
effectively with Bulk SMS and watch your business grow


There is not just one reason to say why bulk SMS marketing is one of the best advertising methods for any business - old or new. Above all, the fact that according to major marketing researches, almost 80% of the customers use their mobile phones for making searches related to their purchasing, says it all. This makes phones and hence SMS marketing one of the most important tools to spread awareness about your products and services.

SMS marketing is a highly targeted campaign that is flexible and adaptable. You can reach out to your prospect customers all over the world simultaneously.

Highest ROI at Lowest Cost and Time

In the digital world, where time and cost are the two most important factors for a business, SMS marketing is a tool that gives you highest ROI at lowest cost and time. We at Online Ads Campaign, offer you SMS marketing campaigns that are highly focused on your target audience and leave an impact on the potential customers.


A direct message gives you a large scope of customization. You can convey a message in a tonality that is relatable to your customers. You can send SMSs and review the interest and customize it over and over for improved results.

Proven High Engagement

According to mobile studies, almost 97% of customers read an SMS within 3 minutes of receiving it. You can take the advantage of this and convert it for the success of your online marketing. You can make use of this quick attention and grab their thoughts to persuade them that they are getting something that the others are not. For example, you can pitch in the exclusive discounts and offers to give them a strong reason to act on it further.

Shoot Your Visibility

“What is visible sells” is a universal fact for the world of digital marketing. The information you choose to send through bulk SMSs puts your Brand right in front of the customers. With Online Ads Campaign, you can shoot your visibility high and build a Brand’s recognition for a new business.


Industries leading platform and infrastructure

High Delivery throughput

Real Time delivery status

Online spam filtering

Redundant connectivity

Online Admin control


Creative engagements

Tractable weblinks

HTTPS, SSL encryption

Short Latency & Guaranteed throughput

Expedient Analytics and Dashboards

Low cost and High ROI

Online Ads Campaign understands your business needs closely and offers you bulk SMS campaigns that help you track and optimize the response, control the frequency, keep your database sorted and personalize the texts keeping your brand image in mind.